French Fringues

A few years ago, I participated in a T-Shirt Design Competition organized by Be Street (Acclaimed Streetlife Magazine) and Citadium (Notorious Urban Streetwear Shopping Centre in Paris). I placed in the Top 50 out of more than 300 project submissions. This provided great comfort in knowing that I should start my own T-Shirt label.

Before starting the label, I needed to create the visual of my logo as the symbol of the brand. This logo was the first brick of the strong identity I wanted to build. Second brick was the website. Still a work in progress, I am building my own responsive ecommerce platform based in WordPress. The biggest challenge is to come up with the best layout across all platforms for the check out process.

Finally, below is also a lookbook which I have directed for my first two collections.

French Fringues - Business Cards 2
French Fringues - Responsive Website
French fringues - Apparel Design Ideogram
French fringues - Apparel Design King
French fringues - Apparel Design Teddy
French fringues - Apparel Design Emotion1
French fringues - Apparel Design Emotion2
French fringues - Apparel Design Emotion3
French Fringues - Badges

Photos by Alan Marie


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